3 Essential Facebook Tools For Your Business

Owning a small business can be a tough, but rewarding venture. There are so many things to keep track of: budgets, clients, invoices, bills, etc. Even though it’s tough, I think most business owners would agree that they wouldn’t change a thing. But the stress of hitting deadlines multiplies 1000-fold when your own well-being and future is at stake. Marketing and advertising are one of those things for you to keep in mind, and social media has become one of the most important, customer-centric aspects of a business’ marketing plan.

In fact, Facebook is the largest platform out there, followed by Instagram (which happens to be owned by Facebook). It’s not the only social media platform you should be on, but I would argue it’s the most important.

Here are 3 essential Facebook tools for your business.

1. Facebook Pages & Groups

The most important aspect of Facebook for businesses is the Business Page and Groups. As with anything else on a social network, the point is being, well, social. Many business owners have flocked to Facebook to advertise. While advertising through social media channels is great, and most of the time a necessity, it is important to ensure your business is staying true to the social process involved with Facebook and other social media platforms.

When you create a Page, you can post opening hours, updates of new products, sell those products, and connect directly using the Messenger service. Groups also allow you to create a following, a hub around your company ethos, and a way to offer wisdom to the community.

Both of these options offer the perks of allowing you to communicate and advertise for free to your Page and Group followers. This is huge, considering it’s all about the bottom-line and ensuring your business is in the black. Properly including and engaging with your Pages and Groups, you can save money, build a following, and generate more sales in the long run.

Don’t skip this!

2. Facebook Business Manager

What is the Business Manager anyway?! If you own a business, chances are you are meticulous when it comes to organization and running things the way you like it. The Facebook Business Manager gives you just that: an organizational tool to help you delegate and grant access to any Facebook asset you own including Pages, Ad Accounts, Pixels, and Catalogs.

Are you working with employees and business partners to keep your well-oiled Facebook machine in order? The Facebook Business Manager allows you to grant whatever level of access you want to each person within your company, and even grant another business (like a digital marketing consultant –– *cough* Hip Hippo *cough*) access to your assets without giving up the actual ownership or control of your asset.

I, personally, love the “Business Settings” area of the Business Manager. Be sure to check it out!

3. Facebook Advertising & the Pixel

Again, within the Business Manager, you have the option to manage and run Ad Accounts. No matter what kind of business you have: you would benefit from advertising on the social giant’s platform. I have clients that never thought it would be worth the effort and money, but after engaging with their audience effectively and then giving it time to start working, they are seeing large returns in the form of new customers and sales.

Within the Facebook advertising realm, there are some tools to help you hyper-target your audience. Do you know how one day you visit a website, click on a link, or download an app, and then suddenly you have an ad served up, almost immediately for the exact same product/service you were looking at? Yeah, that’s the Facebook Pixel, and it’s free to set up and use. Don’t miss that: It's FREE, and it helps you target your customers way better. You have no excuse not to have the Pixel on your site. Even if you aren’t advertising now, you can be collecting data on the website traffic that you can then retarget later with Facebook ads. And why not use it?


Your business should be on Facebook––at least in some way. I don’t work for Facebook, and I have no stock in the company. And while reports are showing they are losing users, it is still the largest social media platform (by far), and you cannot afford not to be on there.