Facebook Business Tools - Overview

Whether you are a Freelancer, Small Business Owner, or Corporate Marketing Director, promoting your products or services on the Facebook platform is essential. With over 2 billion active users, it is the key platform to be on, whether you are B2C or B2B. Instagram comes in as the next largest platform with over 800 million active users. Since Facebook owns Instagram, it’s safe to say: YOU SHOULD BE ON FACEBOOK!

The great thing about Facebook is that they have integrated some very helpful tools for the business owner to manage their business and even utilize paid advertising. Although organic reach is possible, and a crucial aspect of any business Facebook strategy, paid advertising on the platform is becoming the backbone for many companies. We’re going to make this a 4-part series, but for now, here’s a bit of an overview of the tools that Facebook offers.

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Facebook Business Manager

The Facebook Business Manager is the account that allows you to manage all of your business assets within the Facebook platform. You may be saying to yourself, “All of my assets? What else can I have other than a Facebook Page?!?!” I’ll cover a few of the other assets in the posts that follow, but the Facebook Page is just the foundation to your Facebook presence. In addition to your Page, the Business Manager helps you manage things like your employees' inclusion and access to any asset your business controls. You can also create and manage Ad Accounts where you can create paid Facebook advertising campaigns and manage the Facebook Pixels for each ad account, which is the tool that allows you to retarget customers that visit your website.

Finally, there are Business Settings that allow you to manage payment accounts for advertising, business contact info, and other details. Ultimately, it is the “brain” of your Facebook operation, and it offers any detailed breakdown of each asset. We’ll go into more detail of the Business Manager in the next few posts of this series, so keep watch!


Facebook Business Page

The Facebook Business Page is the face of your business on the platform. You can place your logo, other photos, posts, business updates, sales, shopping, contact info, and much, much more. This is the place where you will be in contact with your customers on a personal level. Using tools like Facebook Messenger to offer quick response to customer enquiries or responding to likes, comments, and shares of your content directly within your posts are all methods available to those with a Facebook Business Page. Do not be fooled: it takes hard work and, in most cases, a dedicated employee just to fill this role. However, it is totally possible with notification tools and mobile apps to stay in contact with your customers whenever and wherever you can! Ultimately, the Facebook Business Page is a portal to inform and communicate with your customers, which is extremely important!


Facebook Pixel

What is the Facebook Pixel? What does it do? If I haven't heard of it, is it REALLY that important for me to use? How do I even begin?

The Facebook Pixel is daunting to most people, mainly due to lack of education on what it is and how it can help. Once you get to the point where you know what it is, there is little information about how the PIxel works and how it can help you!

In short, the Facebook Pixel is a small bit of HTML code that runs as a script in the <head> tags of your website. Many WYSIWYG website builders allow this to be added quickly and easily, such as Squarespace, Shopify, Wix, etc. Once on the site, it acts as a tracking device that gathers data from the visiting traffic to each url on your site which is then stored as “hashed data,” or encrypted data. You can then access this data through Facebook as you create ads to retarget those who have visit your site and/or completed a certain Pixel Event. This way you can send out retargeting campaigns to reach people that visited but didn’t make a purchase or give you their lead info. It is the same tool that allows Amazon to advertise that product you were looking at purchasing the next time you’re on Facebook. HOW DOES IT KNOW?!?!

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