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The Facebook Business Page is the foundation to a businesses online presence in the social media world. It is a place where a wide variety of revenue-generating and brand-engaging traffic can come to learn more about your company’s offerings, ask questions, get answers in real-time, and even shop directly in the platform! What started out as a simple separate profile for your business (apart from your personal one) has grown to encompass all aspects of a businesses online presence, and in some circumstances, businesses utilize this as their ONLY online presence. With business/store operating hours, ratings, online chat (Messenger), and online shop, some businesses are able to stand alone and use their Facebook Page as their main go-to when generating traffic. As a prospective client or current customer “Likes” the page, you are then able to auto-market to them each time a post is made, in the same manner an email list functions in the re-marketing strategy of a company. Want to hear more? Let's go over some important basics for setting up your Facebook Business Page, but Hip Hippo is always here to consult in the creation, implementation, and conservation of your Facebook Business Page

Name & Images

One of the biggest mistakes small businesses make with their Facebook Page is an inaccurate representation of their brand and online presence. Sometimes you can see an amazing website, beautiful imagery, and breathtaking offers to help engage your audience, but once you visit their Facebook Business Page, it looks as though it is run by a low-level employee, and sometimes includes personal posts that were accidentally posted to the business account! I know, I know, this is the worst case scenario, but you would be surprised how often our clients realize the quality of their Facebook Page doesn't reflect how they conduct themselves as a business. We all know how important branding is, and online mediums are the best way to get your brand message out there.

One aspect of the Facebook Page that is often overlooked is the name and logo of the company. Not capitalizing words or putting multiple-name businesses as one run-on word in the company name field can make you look extremely unprofessional. Additionally, if you include a profile picture for your account that is not your logo or a clear, concise representation of your business, it can be confusing for those clicking through for a bit of “social proof,” as what they see may not match what your business website branding shows. It really makes a difference!

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Business Details

After you have sorted all of the visual aspects of the Facebook Page, the next step is to work on the business details. Here is the area where you can give basic instructions on contacting your businesses, where to find you (whether online or in person), and any operating hours if you want to let your customers know when they can expect you to be available for questions or sales. It’s important for your business to have a “hub” in the social media realm to allow them to rate, respond, feedback, and overall connect with your business. Depending on your business, Facebook offers various avenues to be able to sell products, offer services, and even run special promotions with the “offers” features. All of these are great ways to give another channel to your customers or potential customers to purchase or continue to purchase from your business.


These topics are just scratching the surface of what a Facebook Page can offer to help boost the effectiveness of your business’s online presence and overall brand awareness. If you have a Page already set up or have realized that this is something that you could use help with, please do not hesitate to set up a FREE consultation with Hip Hippo by visiting http://hiphippo.co. We would love to discuss how this and other digital marketing strategies can really expand your brand’s reach and up your conversions!

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